Friday, July 3, 2009

This summer of mine

This summer will mine
No sadness, anger, hate. It will only happiness or something like it. Today was my first day, the nature was on my side for it was sunny, blue sky, no rain. I went for a very long walk which started at 10:30 till 1:00 pm. The nature was so beautiful. I went to park and played like 4 years kids. Plus window shopping in my favourite store Winners the only one that sells CK pj here. There were not lot of people like usually other affected of the recession. Today since long time, first time that I thanked Allah for his blessings. I cut the TV and spend less time on the net so I can enjoy spring. Spring is there and calling me to go and enjoy it. I do not like that street sir Antoni, every time walked beside it reminded of murdering of the trees or the small forest. They killed a whole forest for sake stupids houses. Where was the green party outside of Harrods London or putting naked women in bay street? You never find them when you need them. The name itself is silly sir Antonia sir and Antonia. It would more convincing saint Antonia or sir Antony. Silly name which shows how the world is changing to nameless, strange and unnatural fake street built on the burden of a beautiful forest. Now I am back to my favorite room on home. My bedroom I put on my summer curtains white with the white set of bed spread. They make the perfect combination with the black furniture. I enjoyed sitting there reading my books leaving the hate, angry of this ugly world.
Once I thought that I could make a difference and changes the universe. The sad thing is " nothing will change".
People will keep killing each other, stealing, greedy, hate will never end. It is better to Save my breath and enjoy life as it is and forget about the sadness, death, hungry. I have tried for long time to make difference, teach people help the needy one but I was broken by the cruelty of life. People or rather me let the world to break my spirit. It is a baby step, it is a step to forward. Loving myself and putting myself before the other.
Let me see, can keep my pact?
I would always the the ice cream in Harrods or the candy shop and the gays waiters there.