Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Classy & snob

I never considered myself as classy and snob person. Always hate those snob people who look down on others and their language which is full of belittle. For me, all people are equal and I love every one due fact that my family lost their money during the war time. Plus coming to here make every one equal. It is a new beginning and you had to prove yourself and become better by work, studying and proving yourself.

Until I met Z. She is newcomer Arab Turkish girl married. She just walking poster to regular stereotype of “ certain class ”. Lazy, studied till middle school of course in Middle East. All she thinks of money married to old man for his money doesn’t speak language lazy to learn anything. Her life is about cooking and eating. Cover her head but don’t pray. She always tells me that she lost in her first marriage and this time would never happen again how by taking his money. This marriage is business and she must get as much she can. Her talks about sex, she is so dirty and nasty.

I tried to educate, takes her to library to read Arab papers, books but she hates reading. She lived in slum in her home and now critiqued her friend’s building. I would leave some of her phase” this baby looks like his daddy because the mum enjoyed the sex that day, “ I should eat special food so I can have baby boy I will buy brand new car only but this time I would buy third hand car. Her life is about food, sex, gossiping and lying all time. She is mean to her friend before her enemies. Hurting those who are helping her.
Why she is like that why can’t she be really person. Is she that empty person from inside? “