Sunday, December 6, 2009


I do like the idea of guys fighting for religion as a way of furthering their "civilization" building plans. It has always been my hope. And I have always said that religion is generally a good thing - it delivers a good core message of how to aspire.None the less it is based on a lie - in that the great majority of people don't see religion in this way.We ( the worlds populations ) seemed to reach a point where we were about to let go of the lie - I'm talking the capitalist societies where the capitalism is extreme. But now we have been driven past that point and will enter a phase where religion will become required again. The truth is that until we can let go of religion we have no hope. In a world with religion we seem unable to see the real world - we are blinded by hope, despair and suffering - and yet religion gives us false hope - that if we follow some simple rules that we will either benefit in the afterlife or will receive some benefit at some point - or will be accepted into large groups of other like minded individuals


  1. تحياتي لك على هذا الطرح.
    أحيانا يزايد الناس على حب الدين أو ضده للظهور

  2. Thank you sonnet for passing by, the problem is that the religions lost its meaning and instead of uniting us, the religions divided us more. Being a good person has nothing to do with religion ! Religious groups use and manipulate good people as a publicity exercise to drag more and more people into a false existence !