Friday, May 22, 2009

To the Syrian wife

Dear friend why are behaving that way. The work is not place, we get our cheques only. Z I want you to have good work ethic. I know that we do not get paid as much, but that doe snot you should work careless. My friend watch Yang. he is not Muslim and I do not even his religion but look at his good work ethic. He works harder than all of us. He stayed after we leave and comes before us. Though, he got paid like us. Take a lesson form him.
About your husband :

You have been married for 7 months. You should know his cheap ass and his bad behaviour. Then, why did you pregnant you had job. You can leave any time and live by your self. why do you to bring an innocent life to this miserable man who even does not want to have any kids.

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