Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bitter Sweet
I never felt this feeling before bitter sweet. It was either sweet or bitter, happy or sad, mad or content. Always happy person, open to change. But this move. I never cried when finished high school. Same When my family left the country. So was when I got my BA, my marriage. Every time I was happy and celebrated the event.
Good bye my city. I moved young innocent student girl. It all happened here, love, hate, marriage, friendship, betray of friendship, & rediscover yourself. Good bye to my jogging at Hurontario st. Good bye Tim Horton's . Bye good to Italian bakery. Good bye my neighbors whom I started to appreciate them expect now. Good bye hurontario street with its traffic. Good bye Mi after seven years of living there.
Now I had go through all again. New city, new people, new everything but I am not happy as usually. There is this bitter feeling around me. I will be more lonely.
My library, for seven years I never miss going there Saturdays morning. Sitting there sipping my hot moka. I scared this time from the change. I would leave all these warm to cold place.

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