Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Indian summer

I am enjoying the last of the summer or what they called Indian summer (false summer) other racism toward the Indian(first nation) by labeling them liars (false). I enjoyed my regular walk, the two police men were so funny. I found the new Turkish place, the Latino cafe finally the Italian baker since they don't use liquor in their pastry. The winter would come and I will miss my walks. Winter with its grey, sad weather. No where to go expect the malls which are full of germs. Grey, dark, lonely winter days with long cold nights. My only pleasure a cup of hot latte. Going to Tim drinking his strong coffee. Or go back 4 years ago, 3 years from today how was it?

Me without head cover, my long hair, tall doing my small things happy as I am content with the small thing in my life. Find nice cream winter coat from The Bay with 20 % discount that were my simple pleasure. What happen to my life ? why is it that complicated? Why can't be happy any more ? who stole my light from me? Shall take those happy pills? or turn to comfort food? Or move to small town?
Give up, happiness only in death or after life for this life contains only sadness better to accept and take away all these false ideas about enjoying my life.


  1. أرجوك

    متتناوليش اى أدوية لأنها مضرة جدا

    و أنصحك بأنك تكتبى عن أى مشكلة و تفضفضى لأى

    انسان قريب منك و بتثقى فيه

    دى طريقة ممتازة لعلاج الاحباط و الاكتئاب

  2. Thank you for concern. I got winter depression but in my case it turned to be summer,fall,spring all year round depression. Don't worry I get better soon or later. Nobody will listen to you even your family will bored from your trouble or at least look down on you. Friend forget about them, they are the first one to gossip.

    Thank you for kind note.