Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Neighbors in the Building

South Asian women:

1. Have full time jobs

2. Mothers

3. Take care of home, kids, work full no help from the husbands

4. Go to school full time.

Pakistan women:

1. Go to school part time ( kids come first)

2. Mosque is part of daily activities

3. Bi- weekly lessons in the building (Islamic class)

4. Know how to drive, speak, read.

5. Always improving themselves(religion, Education, work)

Arab Women:

1. Don't speak the language and don't want to learn

2. Have 5 kids minimum ( way to collect government cheques)

3. Go to the mosques on Eids only

4. Can't buy milk by herself ( going to store is the men jobs)

5. To busy with kids to learn the language

6. live close to her friends( helping each other in reading bills, picking the kids from schools)

7. Every year must visit her countries for this is not our country.

8. Don't spend money on kids(clothes each one wears his brothers)

9. Don't save money for the kid's college.

10. The only store they go is the (.....)clothes

11. Each one calling me from her cell to translate school reports

12. Never attend the Islamic class

13. Talk about new trend here now which trying the Hormone medications so they can have twins instead of giving birth every year. One of them can't speak one word English but she took the medication and now pregnant with twin plus the one she already had. My Syrian is waiting to give birth before she takes the medication. Though she and her husband can't speak the language.

The White Neighbors:

1. Finished school

2. Work full time

3. Not married but common live

4. One baby

5. dogs

6. Always busy(hobbies, gym, parties, long week end plans)

7. Leave home at 8 am come back at 8 pm

8. More relax, carefree, enjoy their life

I don't why they enjoy life maybe their life style (partying, drinking, less kids, less responsible)

That is why we always in back of the world. None of them respect the education, spending their time in gossiping, watching TV(only Arab shows). Never read or listen to the news. Totally depends on their husbands. When we going to wake up?


  1. وعلى هذا ستجدبنهن –النساء العربيات- أكثرهن غرورا
    و ربما كان هذا هو السبب الرئيسي أننا بالخلف أكثر ف أكثر ربما
    لعدم شعورنا حتى بوجود مشكلة
    متابعة دائمة لك
    مودتي و أكثر

  2. hmmm , ok this is not all Arab women status .. I know how lazy we r ,,yaaa there is many good women who know how to raise there children in the right way and wake up before dawn to cook and tide the house and wake up her kids and they r a really good examples for Arab Muslims women ,,BUT YES there is lazy women ooohh there is a lot of them i dont want to mention some arab nationalities where the woman duty in life is her hair and clothes and nails and knows nothing about her children !! shame !!

    thanks for the nice article ..

  3. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your note. They looked down on south Asian women and called them slaves could believe that?


    Thank you for note, we came here for better future for us, not to act like that plus their men abuse them every day and can't speak because they need them.

  4. حقيقى انا مش عارفة هانصحى امتى
    لكن واضح اننا لسه قدامنا كتير
    الستات العربيات يتمتعن يقدر كبير جدا من التفاهة والسطحية
    طبعا انا بتكلم عن الغالبية العظمى
    البنات كل واحدة هدفها الرئيسى فى الحياه انها توقع العريس المحترم عشان تتجوز
    واول ما تتجوز هدفها الاسمى انها تربطه بالعيال
    واحد ورا التانى
    حتى البنات اللى بيفكروا يشتغلوا ويكون ليهم شخصيتهم المستقلة
    غالبا ما يعنى لهم العمل هو الاستقال المادى عن الاهل او عن الزوج
    ليس العمل من اجل العمل
    والثقافة بالنسبة لهم هى مرفة جديد الموضة واخبار اهل الفن
    والتليفون يعنى لهم الرغى والنميمة والغيبة
    ليس اكثر
    معلش طولت عليكى بس البوست بتاعك شحنى اكتى ما انا مشحونة
    خاصة وانى عاشرت النساء العربيات فى الخليج
    وكل اللى كتبتيه صح بنسبة كبيرة جدا


    لما لا تكتبين باللغة العربية؟؟؟

  5. سبهللة

    The problem isn’t the work or not. Those women never do anything even charity work in hospitals or anywhere. Like we are part of the society, but you never see them in library book club, elections and school board, etc. They live in small caves where their husbands abuse them on daily base. Their small world is about TV, cooking and gossiping each other. No body respects someone who is too lazy to learn anything. By the way, I do not have Arabic keyboard though I speak perfect Arab. Thank you for passing here.